Automatic Payment Services

The City of Gallup is pleased to offer free automatic payment services. Enjoy peace of mind that your bill will be paid on-time every month.

How it Works

The auto-pay service is easy as 1-2-3 to use:
  1. Enroll for auto-pay today. You can choose one of the following payment options:
    • Credit or Debit Card payments. Using your online account, select "Autopay" from the menu and follow the instructions to setup your card for automatic payments; OR
    • Checking account payments.  Complete the auto-draft authorization form and return it to Customer Care with a voided check. We will setup your account for automatic payments.
  2. Make sure you pay any existing balance on your account. Automatic payments will start on the next cycle so any prior charges will not be paid automatically.
  3. Beginning with the next bill, your charges will be automatically paid on the due date.

You may disenroll at anytime should you not wish to continue your automatic payments.  If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at (505) 863-1201.