Planning and Development


On August 28th, the City Council approved Ordinance No. C2018-10 amending the City of Gallup Municipal Code by repealing the current Land Development Standards and adopting the new Title 10 Land Development Standards with a few minor changes.  After the appropriate changes have been  made, a copy will be made available online.

There is an appeal period of thirty (30) days after which, if no appeal is received, the new Land Development Standards will go in to effect.

Along with the adoption of the new Land Development Standards, the City will be updating our current Zoning Map to reflect the updated zoning districts.  This document will be presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission on October 10th, 2018.  And to City Council on October 23rd, 2018 for final approval.

If you would like to view the version of the Land Development Standards that was presented to City Council, please click here.

For your convenience these final documents also available for your use: